Royal Tusk - Tusk II - CD

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TUSK II was released on October 26, 2018, via eOne, the first release by the band for their new label home. Carriere, MacKinnon, guitarist Quinn Cyrankiewicz, and drummer Calen Stuckel take that faithful and earnest approach all over ?TUSK II?, an album equally fueled by throwback minimalism and forward-thinking power. There’s also a healthy dose of observational commentary about the massively screwed up state of the world. “Our earlier stuff was a bit more gentle,” Carriere explains. “It was about love. This record is angry, fed up, perplexed.” Tusk II on CD.

1. First Time
2. Aftermath
3. Die Knowing
4. Stowaway
5. Freedom
6. Reflection
7. Control
8. Under
9. Northern Town
10. Long Shot

Genre: Rock