Misfire - Sympathy For The Ignorant - VINYL - Ghostly - Ruby & Grape

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Misfire - Sympathy for the Ignorant
Ghostly - Ruby & Grape Vinyl

Single 12" 180g LP pressed on ruby and aqua vinyl.

Release Date: April 1, 2022

1) Fractured
2) Red Flag
3) War of Mine
4) Skin of Mirrors
5) Death Trap
6) No Offense
7) R.I.P.
8) He Said She Said
9) L.Y.S.
10) Sympathy for the Ignorant

MISFIRE makes old-school flavored thrash metal devastation with the kind of bombastic firepower that could wake the dead. In the tradition of classic metal trios like Venom, Motörhead, and Raven, these Chicago boys make more noise than bands twice their size, unleashing song after song of unrelenting fury. It’s music that could have arrived in the thrash golden age of 1986, when bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Dark Angel, and Sodom delivered vital records. And yet MISFIRE is forward-thinking, injecting modern metal mastery into their brew for a powerful, timeless sound. 

Created in a small studio and engineered by Coogan himself, the debut album for MISFIRE is free from click-tracks and other unnecessary frills, projecting the purity of what three musicians raised on Pantera and the Big 4 sound like in a room together. Sympathy for the Ignorant is heavy, confident, and filled with the kind of earworm thrash metal riffs that sends aspiring players to the guitar store. 

-Officially Licensed Misfire Merchandise

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