Mastiff - Deprecipice

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Mastiff - Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth LP
Pressed on 12" 180g Clear with Black and Gold Splatter

Limited to 2000 copies worldwide.

Crafted in a generous five days at No Studio with producer Joe Clayton (Pijn, Wren, Leeched), Leave Me the Ashes of the Earth is a misanthropic masterpiece.

The sorrow-filled souls of every miserable cretin it reaches will stir in basements, hovels, pubs, and darkened alleyways. Conceived during a pandemic-enforced longest stretch between MASTIFF records, Leave Me the Ashes of the Earth paints on the band’s familiar canvass, but with a bigger palette.

1) The Hiss
2) Fail
3) Repulse
4) Midnight Creeper
5) Beige Sabbath
6) Futile
7) Endless
8) Scalped
9) Lung Rust