Lord Dying - Mysterium Tremendum - CD

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Mysterium Tremendum is the record Olson and Evans have wanted to make since the band’s inception. It’s easily Lord Dying’s most musically diverse album, but one that could only be created following the band’s jackhammer 2013 debut Summon the Faithless, and 2015’s brooding Poisoned Altars. “It’s more along the lines of what we wanted to do early on,” says Evans. Mysterium Tremendum on CD.

1. Envy the End
2. Tearing at the Fabric of Consciousness
3. Nearing the End of the Curling Worm
4. The End of Experience
5. Exploring Inward
6. Severed Forever
7. Even the Darkness Went Away
8. Freed from the Pressures of Time
9. Lacerated Psyche
10. Split From Within / Devoid of Dreams / Death, The Final Loneliness
11. Saying Goodbye to Physical Form

Genre: Metal