High On Fire - Electric Messiah - LP - Picture Disc

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Electric Messiah, the best and most diverse of the band’s three albums with Ballou, and a record Pike cannot stop gushing about.
Justifiably, too. There’s more speed than ever before (the aforementioned title track, the raucous opener “Spewn From the Earth”, and the thrashy, Sir Francis Drake-inspired
“Freebooter”) but the dynamics of Electric Messiah hold the listener riveted.

Electric Messiah Picture Disc LP.

Tracklist: 1. Spewn from the Earth
2. Steps of the Ziggurat/House of Enil
3. Electric Wizard
4. Sanctioned Annihliation
5. The Pallid Mask
6. God of the Godless
7. Freebooter
8. The Witch and the Christ
9. Drowning Dog

Genre: Metal