Great American Ghost - Power Through Terror - CD

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The Boston tradition includes seminal pioneers like Gang Green, SSD, and DYS. The back of GREAT AMERICAN GHOST screamer Ethan Harrison’s head is tattooed with the symbol for The Hope Conspiracy. But make no mistake, Power Through Terror is a devastating, mature metal-fueled odyssey. As Harrison says of guitarist Niko Gasparrini and bassist Joey Perron, “No matter how much my dudes listen to Meshuggah and Gojira, I’m always going to sound like I love American Nightmare because I do.” And it’s that potent concoction of the push and pulls between hardcore spite and metal ferocity that makes GREAT AMERICAN GHOST’s third LP so potent. Power Through Terror on CD.

1. Rat King
2. Prison of Hate
3. Altar of Snakes
4. Power Through Terror
5. Rivers of Blood
6. Socialized Animals
7. Black Winter
8. Scorched Earth
9. Warborn
10. No More

Genre: Metal