Black Label Society - Sonic Brew 20th Anniversary Blend 5.99 - 5.19 - CD

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One part invading horde and all parts traveling carnival party, Black Label Society traverses the world powered by caffeine and cacophony. BLS engages and inspires audiences everywhere they go, on every radio dial they burn, inviting all comers to join in and participate in their brotherhood and sisterhood of hard rock and vigor. ZAKK WYLDE on THIS 20th ANNIVERSARY BLEND: “The original recording back in 1997 was mastered with high volume, alcohol, and dance,” says Wylde from his home studio. “We went in and worked off the existing performances and focused on the high volume and dance while replacing the booze with viagra and anabolic steroids.” Deluxe Full Length Sonic Brew on CD
1. Bored to Tears
2. The Rose Petalled Garden
3. Hey You
4. Born to Lose
5. Peddlers of Death
6. Mother Mary
7. Beneath the Tree
8. Low Down
9. T.A.Z.
10. Lost My Better Half
11. Black Pearl
12. World of Trouble
13. Spoke in the Wheel
14. The Last
15. Black Pearl (Unplugged)
16. Spoke in the Wheel (Unplugged)

Genre: Rock