Enterprise Earth - Death: An Anthology CD

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Enterprise Earth - Death: An Anthology CD
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1. Abyss
2. Face of Fear
3. The Reaper’s Servant (Feat. Darius Tehrani)
4. Spineless view
5. King of Ruination (featuring Ben Duerr)
6. Casket of Rust
7. I, Divine
8. Malevolent Force (Feat. Wes Hauch)
9. Accelerated Demise
10. Blood and Teeth
11. Curse of Flesh (Feat. Matthew K. Heafy)

ENTERPRISE EARTH is among the most celebrated death metal bands of the modern era. The group “crawls from the shadows of Washington, throws Patient Ø at us, and death metal is reborn,” said Shockwave Magazine of the band’s 2015 debut. A critic for Metal Nexus declared 2017’s Embodiment “the heaviest album I have ever heard.” The band’s third full-length slab, Luciferous, joined Loudwire’s 50 Best Metal Albums of 2019. “It never hurts to make an album that makes the majority of your peers look silly,” wrote Blabbermouth. “Your move, deathcore hordes.”

Their move, indeed. ENTERPRISE EARTH reemerges in 2021 with The Chosen, a masterpiece of monstrous brutality and enveloping ambiance. It is the band’s heaviest yet most diverse effort, with shifting attitude, vibe, and desperate aggression stitched throughout its songs. Brooding, thick with atmosphere, groove-driven, old-school death metal with modern flourishes, the music of ENTERPRISE EARTH switches gears from earth-shattering breakdowns to sickeningly slow sludge to blast furnace pummeling with seemingly effortless ease. Composition after composition is ominous, ambitious, lurching, and inviting, including “Where Dreams Are Broken,” “The Failsafe Fallacy,” “This Hell, My Home,” “Sleep is for the Dead,” “Temptress,” and “He Exists.”

Since their 2014 formation in Spokane, Washington, the group steadily built an audience in the underground. Touring partners over the years are genre luminaries and peers alike, including Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Suffocation, Whitechapel, Thy Art Is Murder and Chelsea Grin. Death metal is one of the darkest subgenres of music ever created, steeped in macabre imagery of blood and gore and delivered with guttural bellows and piercing squeals. Still, it is not without its guiding lights or impassioned empowerment.
A sense of purpose drives the band’s music. ENTERPRISE EARTH conjures self-determination and iconoclastic independence from within the bowels of extremity. The band’s authentic death metal precision and technical might are unquestionable. Committed to musical excellence and personal perseverance, ENTERPRISE EARTH carves meaning from the darkness.
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Release date: February 2, 2024