Crowbar - Sever The Wicked Hand; 2x 180Gramm Colored Vinyl (Opaque Apple Red) in Gatfold Sleeve with Generic Download Card

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Sever the Wicked Hand is the ninth studio album by American sludge metal band Crowbar. First repress since 2011.


Isolation (Desperation) 4:16
Sever The Wicked Hand 3:16
Liquid Sky And Cold Black Earth 6:24
Let Me Mourn 4:51
The Cemetery Angels 4:02
As I Become One 4:57
A Farewell To Misery 3:45
Protectors Of The Shrine 3:30
I Only Deal In Truth 3:20
Echo An Eternity 5:03
Cleanse Me, Heal Me 3:43
Symbiosis 5:05