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Auras - Binary Garden - LP - Purple/Pink w/White Splatter

Auras - Binary Garden - LP - Purple/Pink w/White Splatter

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AURAS new album explores the complex relationship between humankind and technology, as people evolve from symbiotic parts of mother nature into cybernetic bits of code. The intellectual depth of the subject matter on Binary Garden is juxtaposed by its immediate accessibility.
The expansion of AURAS into bigger melodic hooks is more suited to the digital single oriented era than ever, even as Binary Garden works as a cohesive whole.
Deluxe Binary Garden 180g 12" LP pressed on purple/pink w/ white burst vinyl.

Track List:
1. Momenta
2. Pseudo Intellect
3. Erode
4. Another Place
5. Whiteout
6. Disenchant
7. The Last Canary
8. The Demoness
9. Essence
10. Abyss

Genre: Metal